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Redesigning your kitchen can be an exciting project, but it can also be a daunting one if you aren’t quite sure how to begin. However, by following these five expert tips, you’ll soon find yourself enjoying your dream kitchen with as little headache as possible.

1. Figure Out What Needs to Go and What Can Stay

Sometimes you don’t need to renovate the whole kitchen. You can keep existing cabinetry if it provides ample storage, or maybe the cabinets need to be replaced, but the appliances and countertop can stay. Also keep in mind that if you are trying to save money by simply refacing cabinetry, the end result may not look as nice as you thought. New, high quality cabinetry from a reputable store can make a large impact.

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2. Eliminate Wasted Space

Too much unnecessary counterspace? Not enough? Cabinets that you don’t really use? Kitchen island too big? As the focal point of any home, your kitchen is valuable real estate and you don’t want any part of it going to waste. Consider working with a kitchen design expert to see how the space in your kitchen can best be utilized for your needs.

3. Design Walkways

You don’t want to a kitchen island blocking your path to the pantry or a narrow walkway between counter areas making it difficult for your family to congregate. Consider the walking, standing and eating areas so that you will have ample space to maneuver in your new kitchen.

4. Countertops, Hardware, Appliances and Lighting

Once you have a good idea of the general layout of the kitchen, you can focus more on hardware, lighting and the countertops. Do you have enough counter space for prepping and for your small appliances, such as toasters and coffee machines?

Also consider hardware for your cabinetry and what type of lighting you will add, if any. Lighting can create several different moods in your kitchen, but you want to make sure areas where you will be doing most of the prepping and cooking are well illuminated.

Lastly, do you need to replace major appliances? Take the time to research appliances and read reviews before making any final decisions.

5. Work With a Design Team

As you can see, a kitchen redesign is not so simple a task, but if you take the time to plan, it is a very rewarding endeavor. A kitchen redesign team can certainly help you with planning, offering ideas and suggestions and helping you think of things that you might not have realized about your kitchen and how it works with the rest of the house.

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