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During the holidays you may find yourself spending more time in the kitchen than other times of the year. Friends and family gather at your house and many homeowners discover that their kitchens need a renovation. If you aren't ready to renovate your kitchen than here are 6 simple steps to help you get your kitchen ready for the holidays. 

Even if your kitchen is not your dream kitchen, you can put it in its best holiday light with the following suggestions.

  1. Clutter closes your kitchen up and makes it look smaller than it is. Clear the clutter out and put it in plastic storage bins or bags that you can store in your garage, basement or attic.
  2. One of the most memorable smells is that of Christmas treats baking. Clean out your smelly refrigerator so nothing interferes with the wonderful smells of Christmas wafting from the kitchen.
  3. Decorate your kitchen for the holidays. White LED holiday lighting adds panache to your kitchen in a more subtle way than traditional holiday lights and cuts down on electricity use. Have kids draw Christmas decorations to adorn your refrigerator.
  4. Since there will be kids and folks unfamiliar with your kitchen about, be sure that safety mechanisms, such as oven locks and unused electric outlet covers, are in place and working. Make sure floors are clear of electric cords and cords not in use are out of the way.
  5. During the holidays, kitchens are crowded, and ovens and stovetops are busy cooking. All this activity can make for a warmer-than-comfortable kitchen. Make sure windows open and shut easily and ventilation fans are working.
  6. Many families keep their pet’s food and water in their kitchens. During the holidays, temporarily move these items to another, less traveled area. Be sure to show your furry family members where their food and water are.

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