A laminate floor brings all of the ornamentation of solid wood or natural stone to life at lower costs accompanied by exceptional benefits. Flooring & Kitchen Design Center stocks a remarkable portfolio of laminate from the top manufacturers in the country. Homeowners, commercial businesses and builders can discover flooring laminate finishes that are ideal for their needs. Laminates are easy to handle and offer quick installation for immediate use. The choice of colors makes for an awesome avenue to adorn your floor with a hue that flows well with your walls and furnishings.

Laminate is perfect for use on all surfaces

While hardwood is coated with metallic oxide to create a defensive layer against indentations and scrapes, laminate material is inherently resistant to almost all such wear and tear. If your commercial space or even your home requires extra protection, you can benefit from the durability and resilience in laminate flooring. At Flooring & Kitchen Design Center, you will be able to sift through the comprehensive assortment of laminate materials to hone in on the color and material that you need for your floor. You will find styles in near-identical finishes to wood and stone, with almost all those natural materials being matched in grain and texture almost exactly. Laminate can be installed on almost all surfaces with none of the restrictions imposed by hard wood or other natural materials.

We offer a large Laminate Range

The styles and types of the laminate can range from natural wood including oak, teak, apple, cumaru, ebony, maple, merbau, rosewood to natural stone and tile. The surface of the laminate can be opted for either smooth or textured. Laminate comes in a number of shapes such as multi-strip, plank or tile look. The multi-strip comes with a width of 7.5 inches and a length of slightly above 47 inches. The plank has a smaller width and a higher length while the tile look is a square. We have a grand portfolio of flooring inventory with over forty laminate selections. At Flooring & Kitchen Design Center, we offer you the best laminate collection in the Tri-State area and call help you select the perfect one for you lifestyle and environment.

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